by Kenton Beshore

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Changeology - Life Change (2 of 9)
Series: The Most of My Life
Kenton Beshore

-- on Changeology. Just before we get started, if you're doing destinations, you started -- every year we do a read through the Bible, it's a good time to come back. We're reading a part of the Bible most of you never read, the minor prophets: Zephaniah, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk. One a day, is that exciting or what? And then, right after that, we go into the new testament. So if you put it down, if you've forgotten it, this summer it's a good time to pick it up. Don't try to catch up. Just start right where we are. All right, we're finishing our series in Changeology. We've been in here for 10 weeks. This is it. Are we excited or what? Woo. Okay, at least, I'm excited, all right? And we've spent a lot of time. And this has been a great series.

You know, for centuries there has been people who have written, authors, writers, historians, scientists. They've written about what is the secret to find the life that you've always wanted. Where do you find the power for life change? Where do you find the truth that you need to change your life? There's a book out called, The Secret. And Oprah highlighted it. Lots of people are reading it. It's flying off the bookshelves. And it claims to have the secret to life change. If you've read the book, it is based in one thing. You know what the secret is? It's called The Law of Attraction. And this is -- I'm going to save you $24 right now. You don't have to read the book. I read it for you. Here it is. Whatever you think about, good or bad is attracted to you. That's the concept of the book. Here's quotes: "When you think about what you want, the law of attraction will give you exactly what you want every time." You can see it everywhere, draw everything to yourself. You draw everything to yourself, job, friends, health, wealth, debt, cars, community you live in. You have drawn them to yourself ...

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