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Kenton Beshore

Announcer: Wants some trouble? Please welcome Kenton Beshore.

Kenton Beshore: If you would pull out of your outline, we have a... You know I need that thing behind me today. I could do that, you know, pull a band tag and [Inaudible][ 0:00:13.3].

I want to talk to you about this commitment card. We're looking at buying land. If you've ever seen the story Henry V, you saw it in the movies or you read it in Shakespeare, there's this passionate speech that Henry gives. Yes, just before the Battle of Agincourt. It starts off, "We feel we happy if we band of brothers" and the part of that is because they are going to go fight the French. And they're overwhelmed and there's more of them than there are of the English as they're going to go into this battle but Henry does this great job of rallying the troops because he talked about how people reflect on this day and they'll remember the battle that was fought here, you know, to win the day. And at the end of it, he's got this great line that I love. "Men will hold their manhood cheap who do not fight this day in the battle with us." You know and he goes, "Who will join me?" And they go off and they march off.

You've seen the one where the guy that goes, "Freedom..." What's that guy's name in the movie? Braveheart. William Wallace. And he gives that great speech before he goes, "Who's going to fight with me?" And they go charging off.

And the power of it is there's this heroic moment in these stories where they're going to go out and fight for freedom and do something really noble. We are at that point in the life of our church. And it really is. It is a dramatic moment where we get to go out and buy land to capture a time in history for God's kingdom that will provide a launching point for all of Orange County to be reached.

It is a one of a kind opportunity to have 46 acres in the center of this town and these commu ...

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