by Kerry Shook

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The Ocean of Healing (2 of 2)
Series: Ocean - Exploring the Depths of God's Love
Pastor Kerry Shook

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• John 5:1-9 (NIV)


• Ps. 34:18 (NIV)


• John 5:6 (NIV)

4 Kinds of Healing

• Physical Healing

• Emotional Healing

• Relational Healing


They say when it rains, it pours and it seems like that's true. Have you ever been caught in a rain storm without an umbrella? All of a sudden the dark clouds move in and the bottom just drops out and you are caught in the storm without an umbrella and you're just drenched from your head to your toes. It's a miserable feeling. You want to get in out of the rain as quickly as you can. The only time I've been out in the rain without an umbrella for any length of time and didn't care it was back when I was in college. Chris and I had just started dating. We were going for a walk one day to the park and it just started pouring rain, but we couldn't care less. We were just drenched, but we were holding hands and laughing and talking. We were so in love. It was so romantic. You could almost hear Neal Sedaka singing Laughter in the Rain. Now today when we go on a walk when we first step outside we look up at the clouds and if there is any chance at all that it might sprinkle on us a little bit we say forget it and we walk back into the house. Nobody likes to go outside in the cold rain unless you have to. The problem is it rains on every one. It rains on rich people. It rains on poor people. It rains on ungodly people. It rains on godly people. Storm clouds come into all of our lives. The storm of sickness. The rain of broken relationships. The dark clouds of depression and loneliness. We wish we could just step out of the storm, but it doesn't really work that way, does it? We can't just step out of the storm because every one of us experience storms in our lives. Every one of us experiences the cold rain of hurt and pain. I've just got to be honest with you today. Sometimes I just don't get it. Sometimes I see bad people who it seems like they always experience sunny skies. Sometimes I see good people where it seems like it's always pouring down rain on them and their life is flooded with pain. Like the teenage girl who talked to one of her pastors this week and she was crying because she just found out her dad was having an affair, committing adultery and destroying their family and it just keeps raining. The rain falls down. The rain of sickness. The rain of loss. The rain of infertility. The rain of loneliness. The rain of broken relationships and broken dreams and broken heart. I have to ask that question. Why? I ask that question almost every day about things that aren't really that important. I'm always asking why?
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