by Kerry Shook

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Does Your Marriage Have It? (1 of 2)
Series: Obey - God's Best: You can get it here
Pastor Kerry Shook

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• John 2:5 (The Msg)

• John 2:10 (NIV)


1. Admit

• John 2:2 (NIV)

The Three C's

• Christian

• Character


It is the new ad campaign for eBay that says whatever it is, you can get it here. EBay is the on-line auction house where you can find thousands upon thousands of items to bid on. Some of them are very unusual items. Like the ten year old grilled cheese sandwich that bore the likeness of the Virgin Mary that sold for $28,000 to a casino. ABC News just ran this story about the ultimate hippy vacation being auctioned off on eBay. It said this. Michelle Land of Arkansas was not so thrilled when her brother-in-law, Cody, pulled up to her home in a huge hippy van a few weeks back. He set up camp in her back yard. Cody, who is 24 and had been living in California is, as Michelle says, a little touched in the head. During his short stay in Arkansas Cody lost a job at the local butterball factory, was arrested for a number of misdemeanor violations and was spotted by neighbors running around the property naked. He just does stupid stuff said 29 year old Michelle. Michelle and her husband Sam, Cody's brother, figured it was about time for Cody to be hitting the road. As avid eBay sellers, Michelle and Sam came up with an original scheme to get Cody out of their hair. Market a cross country trip with him as the ultimate hippy vacation and sell it to the highest bidder. So that's what they did. On their auction page the Land's enticed a broad spectrum of potential buyers. Old hippies relive the good old days. New hippies experience the USA like you never have before and crazy people hang out with one of your own kind. Cody was promising "the most craziest vacation you will never forget." Well, the winning bid was $6,000 so apparently he wasn't so crazy. Now the guy who won thought he was bidding on Cody's van. He didn't realize it was a vacation with Cody. He didn't read the fine print. There are definitely a lot of weird and unusual things that you can get on eBay. A wide variety of things. The options seem endless. But that's life today. There are so many options and choices in life today. I've discovered there are a lot of choices I can make for my life, but there are only a few choices that are God's best for my life. That's why we're starting a new series this weekend that we are calling Obey, God's best: You can get it here. The way you find God's best for your life is you listen to His voice and you obey. You learn how to hear God's voice and then you obey. In every area of life there is a God's best for you.
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