by Jeff Strite

A Mother's Funeral
Jeff Strite
Proverbs 31:10-31

Jenny, (the deceased woman's daughter-in-law) handed out a 3*5 card to many of the family. If you have one you'll notice that on one side it had the letters WWTD, and on the other were these words:
''When I am angry, when I am mad/ When I just don't understand
When I feel all alone and sad - I must try to remember - What Would Theresa Do.''

In those few short words, Jenny pointed out that Terry was a woman worth imitating. She was saying that Terry's life was like the woman in Proverbs 31. She was ''a wife of noble character'' - ''worth far more than rubies''.

Terry lived the kind of life that a lot of people admired. When Brandi posted Terry's obituary on Facebook, a great number of people said they wanted to be here. They admired and loved her and wanted to honor her by their presence.

Terry lived a life that was worth imitating.
She'd raised 2 boys by herself and created an atmosphere where they knew they were loved. She spent time with her sons... and often took them camping. She worked hard to provide for them, often working at very hard jobs. And she her saved money, so she could give them the best she could give. And she did all this because she loved her sons.

And when she married Chris she didn't just move into his house... she created a home for him. She loved Chris and cared for him and protected him. She loved him so deeply that he knew he was safe with her. And she taught him how to love other kinds of vegetables other than French Fries. And when she knew she was dying... she taught him how to cook.

His kids, were her kids. And she especially loved the grandkids. Hers and his - they all had her love. She'd take them to Children's museum. She'd watch for gifts and toys they might like and that she could buy. Her children/grandchildren arise and call her blessed; her husband also.

Because she loved so deeply and so powerfully she will be deeply missed. There's going to be a hol ...

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