by Kerry Shook

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Unexplored And Unexplained (3 of 4)
Series: Mysteries of the Deep
Pastor Kerry Shook

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The Evidence

• A universal longing
• Ecclesiastes 3:11 (NLT)

• Modern physics

• Near-death experiences

• 2 Corinthians 5:1 (NLT)

One moment after death, you'll experience either ...

• Separation

• 2 Thessalonians 1:8-9 (NIV)


Wow! Praise God for Darlene Zschech and The Team. They came all the way from Australia to be with us, and many of you have sung their songs over the years. Some of you have sung their worships songs and didn't even know it was Darlene's song that she had written, but she has written some of the greatest worship songs of all time, and God has used her to train up young worship leaders all over the world, and we are so honored they are here today, but the best thing about these guys is they love Jesus like we do. We have such kindred spirits, because for them it's not about performance. They are like Woodlands Church. It's all about lifting up Jesus Christ and pointing you towards Christ, and so we have felt just a kindred spirit, the spirit of God that has connected us right away, right when we first met. So we are just honored to have Darlene. You are going to get to hear from them again in just a moment, and then, of course, the concert tonight.

But we are in this series where we are diving deep into some of the most mysterious questions in life. And scientists tell us that as much as 90% of the world's oceans remain unexplored, which leaves many mysteries of the deep unexplained. Well, there are many mysteries in life that are unexplored and unexplained, and today we are going to explore the ultimate mystery that mankind has grappled with since the beginning of our existence, and that is, 'What happens after we die?'. Shakespeare's Hamlet stated the obvious as to why it remains the ultimate unexplored mystery when he said, 'Death is the undiscovered country from who's born no traveler ever returns.'. He was saying the only people who have really explored life after death are those who have died, and they are not around any longer to tell us what happened. Now for those of us who are believers, we say emphatically I am certain there is life after death, because the Bible says it, but to be honest, we've never experienced it, so we have to say that by faith. And for my atheist friends, they emphatically say I am certain there is no life after death, but to be honest, they have never died. They have not yet died, so they don't know for sure, so they have to say that by faith.

The Evidence
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