by Kerry Shook

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Jesus The Great Risk Taker (1 of 3)
Series: Jesus Uncensored: He's Not Who You Think He Is
Pastor Kerry Shook

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He Risked Rejection for the Reward of Relationship

• John 1:1-3 (LB)

• John 1:14 (LB)

We Risk Forgiveness for the Reward of Freedom

• Matt. 18:21-22 (NLT)

The Hand of Forgiveness...

1. Is the gift that heals the giver

2. Is a choice that changes things

• Luke 6:27-28 (NIV)


I have here a few paintings from history of the way some artists have seen Jesus and thought that He looked. This one right here - pretty traditional. There He is. He's very stayed. He's proper. He's pious. He's got a circle behind His head. We don't know quite what that is, but.... And He's got a little gift box or something, I guess, and He has His hand raised. That's the way many artists, especially back in the Dark Ages, began painting Jesus. Here's another one. He's got a new wardrobe. I'm not sure quite what that is, but He's looking very spiritual. He's looking very innocent there. But probably the picture that most people think of when they think of Jesus is this one right here. It's the picture of a white European with blue penetrating eyes and a long, flowing white robe. He looks a little fragile, a little weak, but yet He's very, very spiritual.

Now folks I want you to know that's not what Jesus looked like at all. That's just the way artists started painting Him in the Dark Ages - is this white European. We know Jesus was Middle Eastern. He was Jewish, so His skin was probably darker. His eyes were probably brown, and we know that He was a carpenter growing up. He was in the construction business, so we know He was strong. He was a man's kind of man.

Now we have a very special guest here with us today - Artist Mark Demel from Chicago. He's going to come out now, and he's going to paint what I believe is a very accurate portrait of Jesus. Now none of us really know what Jesus looked like exactly, and I don't think that's important. What's important is what Jesus was like and what He is like and what He wants to be like in our lives.

Now there are a lot of misconceptions about what Jesus was like. I think we've sort of censored Jesus over the years. We've tried to make Him into we've wanted Him to be. We've tried to make Him fit into our little mold so we can feel comfortable about who He wants to be in our lives. In fact, if you asked most people to describe Jesus' personality in one word, most people, and I would say even most Christians when they think of Jesus' personality, the first word that comes to their mind is nice. He was nice and spiritual, but boring. Tim Hansel says Jesus, to the contrary, was shocking, astonishing, loving, daring, revolutionary, kind, caring, compassionate. But nice....?
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