by Kerry Shook

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Jesus The Storm Chaser (2 of 3)
Series: Jesus Uncensored: He's Not Who You Think He Is
Pastor Kerry Shook

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1. Remember that Christ is the Storm Placer
• Matt. 8:24 (NIV)

• Storms seem unpredictable, but instead are purposeful

• Storms move us out of our comfort zone into a growth zone

2. Rest in the Care of the Storm Eraser

• Mark 4:38 (NLT)

• 1 Peter 5:7 (NIV)

• Mark 4:36 (NLT)

When Christ is in my Boat


Todd Thorn is an engineer for a satellite technology firm in Denver, Colorado; but two months out of each spring he takes a leave of absence from his job, and he comes to Tornado Alley to chase storms. He's the founder of Storm Chase Adventure Tours, and for $1,500 you, too, can go on a vacation with Todd; and you'll travel in a van like this, complete with all the latest satellite technology equipment. You'll travel up to five thousand miles in five days with ten other thrill seekers, hoping to get as close to a tornado as possible. Sound like fun?

A reporter recently asked three of the storm chasers why they paid $1,500 to risk their lives on vacation with Todd. Chris _________ from Great Britain said, "I'm sick of drizzle and fog. I want to see a real thunder storm." Deborah Grant from Lubbock said, "I love nature, and I want to see a tornado." And Phyllis Frazier said - a nurse from Orlando said, "It's been a dream of mine. I've always wanted to see a tornado before I die." I wonder if she ever thought about the fact that that first wish may connect her to the dying part. I don't know.

Now I don't think we need to go to Tornado Alley to chase a storm because I heard from our people in the technical booth back here that there's been a tornado warning issued for the auditorium, and I trust our technical people. Apparently, it started in the pre-school building, and it's moving its way over; and because I trust these guys, I have my umbrella with me, and I'm ready for this storm. So, look out. Buckle up. Did you bring your umbrella? I hope you did. It's starting to pick up a little bit. They were definitely right about the thunderstorm. I'm not sure about the tornado. I don't know about you, but that to me beats going five thousand miles with ten people I don't know in an old van trying to get as close to a real tornado as possible.

I want to take you back two thousand years to another storm. I want to take you back and introduce you to the greatest storm chaser of all time, because we're in a series that I'm calling "Jesus Uncensored: He's Not Who You Think He Is." So, take out your outlines from your program because we're learning that most people, and even most Christians have misconceptions about who Jesus Christ really is.
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