by Kerry Shook

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Keep The Change (2 of 2)
Series: Crowded
Pastor Kerry Shook

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The Cheapskate
The Mall Maniac
The Big Spender
The Get Rich Quick Gambler
The Clueless Space Cadet

• Prov. 27:23-24 (LB)


1. Do Plastic Surgery and Get Out of Debt

• Eccl. 6:9 (GN)

2. Exercise Off the Fat with a Budget

• Prov. 21:5 (GN)

• Prov. 21:20b (GN)

3. Give a Face Lift to Your Future by Saving


I want everyone right now to reach into your pocket or your purse and take out some change. Just take out some change. I'll give you a little time to do that. Some of you are thinking, oh, if I could just go back out to my car I've got fifty bucks worth of change on the floorboard and several chicken nuggets and a couple of French fries. Just hold that change there. Maybe you don't have any change because cash flow in our society is becoming more and more electronic. It seems that coins are no longer important. We're concluding this series on how to create margin in our over-crowded lives. Today we are talking about financial margin and we're going to see how change is not only important, but it's essential. Seventy-four percent of Americans say they'd like to change and do a better job handling their finances. We've got to get serious about changing in this area because most of us have absolutely no margin financially and it causes more stress in a relationship then anything else. Seventy percent of Americans are living from paycheck to paycheck. Most Americans are spending more then they make and then we wonder why we're so stressed out. What I want to show you today is how one dime can make all the difference. Get a close up, guys, of this dime. I want you to hold that change in your hand and if you have a dime, take a dime out because we're going to look at how one dime can change everything in your finances. If you want to change your life you have to change what you do in a day. John Maxwell says we overestimate the power of yesterday. We overestimate the power tomorrow, but we vastly underestimate the power of today. If you want to change your life you have to change what you do in one day. If you want to change your life you have to change your daily schedule. If you want to change your finances you have to change how you spend a dime. We underestimate the power of a day and we underestimate the power of a dime. Today we are going to see how one dime can change everything in our finances, but before we do I want us to do an honest assessment of where we're at financially because you can't really change until you realize where you're at. I want us to do an honest personality assessment of the negative tendencies we have when it comes to managing money because if you don't manage your money it will manage you.
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