by Kerry Shook

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First- Aid: The First Step to Healing (1 of 2)
Series: Beyond the Band-Aid
Pastor Kerry Shook

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• Luke 7:48-50 (WEY)

• Luke 7:39 (NIV)

• Luke 7:44-46 (NIV)

• Luke 7:37-38 (NLT)

1. Examine My Heart
• Psalms 139:23-24 (NIV)

• See my need


... anything to cover those deep, internal wounds that require a deeper cure. Wounds like ruptured relationships where two people blow up in conflict. They explode in an argument and instead of using the conflict to grow to a new level in their relationship to a whole new depth what do they do? They attack each other. They threaten each other. They launch missiles back and forth and they argue over the same surface issues over and over again. They are just putting a band-aid on the problem. Then there are those marital strains where two people get so busy and focusing on the kids and stresses at work that they never stop to communicate and find out how each other are doing, how they are really feeling, what's really going on in their marriage relationship. They try to cover up their emotional emptiness with busyness pretending everything is okay. They are just putting a band-aid on the problem. Then there are those emotional scars from the past. Rather than face it, we fake it by burying our feeling of inadequacy in workaholism and climbing the ladder of success. Really we are just putting a band-aid on the problem. Then there are those work wounds. Those damaged emotions and relationships with co-workers. No one get gut-level about it. We don't really get the truth out and talk about the problems at work. So the team never moves to a deeper trust because truth and trust go together. We're just putting a band-aid on the problem. Then there are fractured families where parents don't have the time or energy to really get into their kids' lives so they buy stuff for them. They try to buy them off thinking that's going to cure a deep issue. It's just putting a band-aid on the problem. I'm starting a new series this weekend that I'm calling Beyond the Band-Aid. It's probably the most important series on relationships that I've ever done. We are going to learn how to move beyond the shallow life to the deeper life and a whole new depth in your relationships. In fact we are going to look at a passage of scripture today where we see how Jesus always looked beyond the band-aid. It's in Luke, chapter 7. So open your Bibles there and here we find the story that Jesus is invited over to the home of Simon, the Pharisee. Now Simon was a prominent, but prideful religious leader who was known for throwing important dinner parties. This was going to be the event of the year, the hottest ticket in town.
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