by Kerry Shook

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CPR: Bring Love Back to Life (2 of 2)
Series: Beyond the Band-Aid
Pastor Kerry Shook

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• Family issues

• Personality conflicts

• Self-centeredness



We're concluding the series today that we're calling Beyond the Band-Aid as we are learning how to avoid shallow band-aid solutions to move to deep and fulfilling relationships. Today we are going to talk about how to do CPR in a relationship as we look at the principles on how to bring love back to life. Speaking of CPR, when Chris and I first met she was a lifeguard trained in CPR and life saving. The first thing that attracted me to her was her spirituality. The second thing was she was really hot. I'm not sure what order that was in exactly, but this week one of the video guys interviewed me on how Chris and I first met and then he interviewed her and we put the tapes together. I have to say there are some contradictions in the two stories. I'll let you be the judge. Just watch.

KERRY: The first time we met. Well, the very first time I ever met Chris I was at the community pool. She was a lifeguard there. It was late in the summer. It was a beautiful sun-shiny day. I mean it's a day that I know she'll never forget.

CHRIS: Well, I don't really remember. I think it was a rainy day at the beginning of the summer.

KERRY: I couldn't believe Chris was the lifeguard there. We had known each other for years. We'd been in the same class for five years.

CHRIS: I think I recognized him from lunch one time. I remember thinking does he really have a Scooby-Do thermos?

KERRY: I was pretty popular back then. I came with my whole posse and me and my buddies would all hang around together. You know what I mean, all the popular kids.

CHRIS: Yeah he was definitely alone. His social skills were slightly below par.

KERRY: I was into sports. I was at the top of my game. I mean I was ripped. I had a cut body. Some would say I was a physical specimen that the girls really couldn't keep their eyes off of.

CHRIS: Kerry reminded me of someone who would be the last guy picked. You know what I mean.

KERRY: I was the total package, the TTP, the body, the hair - I did have hair back than. Being the athlete I was quite the swimmer. I wasn't afraid to show off my swimming skills. But I'd say probably my best quality was my humility back then.

CHRIS: As soon as he jumped in the water I knew this would be my first rescue of the summer.

KERRY: That was the same day we had our first kiss. Talk about something special.

CHRIS: I saw him lying face down in the water. So, like any lifeguard, I had to jump in and pull him out.

KERRY: I'll never forget that passionate embrace.
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