by Kerry Shook

Decoding DaVinci
Pastor Kerry Shook

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• John 18:37-38 (NIV)


• Jer. 29:13 (NIV)

• John 8:32 (NIV)


• 2 Tim. 3:16 (NKJV)


Hey, I'm up here. I'm way up here. Yeah, yeah. Up here in the balcony. See. Yeah, here I am. The reason I'm up here is because every time we have a pastor or church leader come to visit our auditorium I always bring them up here and I tell them this is the best seat in the house. I would sit here every weekend if I could. I realized something recently. I didn't know if that statement was true or not because I've never sat up here during a service. As you know I'm always down on the stage speaking or on the front row during the music, but I actually put my hypothesis to the test and I found it to be true. I sat up here during the music and I believe this is the best seat in the house and I would sit here every week if I could. Sometimes I just accept things as true without ever checking the facts. I don't put it to the test. I'm afraid that's what many people are doing with Dan Brown's best selling novel and now a blockbuster movie, The Da Vinci Code. They are just accepting everything in the movie as true without checking the facts, without putting it to the test. The Da Vinci Code is definitely a spell-binding story. It's great fiction, but that's all it is, a story. But, unfortunately, some people believe that it's more than a story. But, folks, the truth is so important in our lives. We have to build our lives on truth. It's the only way you can have a successful life. When Jesus stood before Pilate right before He was crucified, He said the whole reason why He was born was to testify to the truth. It's in our key verse. Our first verse. Would you stand with me in honor of God's Word? Maybe I'll preach the whole message from up here. John 18:37. Would you read it out loud to me? " ' ... for this reason I was born, and for this I came into the world, to testify to the truth. Everyone on the side of truth listens to Me.' 'What is truth?' Pilate asked." You can be seated. Pilate asked what is truth. That's a good question. Maybe that's a question that some of you are asking right now. What is truth any way? Isn't truth just relative? Isn't it whatever is truth for you, that's truth? Because we all come at life from different perspectives. But we do all come at life from different perspectives. I mean, if I sat right over here or this man right there I would see the stage from a different perspective then I would if I sat over here. Or if I sat maybe over here ten rows up with maybe that young man up there then I would look at the stage from a different angle then I would from over here or over there. Every one of us look at the stage from a different perspective.
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