by Kerry Shook

Ace of Cakes
Pastor Kerry Shook

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• Gen. 1:27 (NIV)

• Gen. 2:7 (LB)

• Gen. 2:22 (NIV)

• John 10:10 (NIV)

• Gen. 3:8-10 (NIV)


"Music playing" Happy 16th anniversary Woodlands Church.

Its hard to believe that its our 16th anniversary as a church. It's a big day of celebration and so what we thought we would do is we would celebrate with cake because we've all watched those TV reality shows where they have these huge cake baking contests and they make these amazing and beautiful cakes. How many of you watch those shows? I'm kind of hooked to them. Ace of Cakes. Cake Diva. Cake Boss. Shake and Bake Cake. I don't know. There's all kinds of them. I can't keep up with them all but there is a lot of them and so I am going to start a new series, two part series, that Chris is helping me with that we are calling "Cake Mix" and its about celebrating the differences between men and women and we are going to dig deep into God's word to see how men and women were created to really try to figure it out from God's word so we can understand how we can compliment each other instead of compete with each other. So, I want you to watch now Chris and I baking cakes because the point is this. I made a cake and she made a cake and we are going to present it to you at the end of this video and you are going to be able to see that my cake is better and we have our own little show we call Cake Mix. Here it is. Just watch.

"Video playing" Kerry: Hey, welcome to Cake Mix. We've got an unbelievable show for you today. Of course I am the pastor of disaster and this is my wife Cake Diva and this contest is going to be just amazing. We are here at Hubble and Hudson at the Viking cooking school, the only place big enough for these huge enormous amazing cakes.

Chris: Okay, here are the rules for our show. What we are going to do is each make a cake. Kerry is going to make a cake, whatever he wants. I'm going to make a cake and we have to use cake only in the making of it. We have a fabulous help with us, Jenny Wilkerson. She is the director of the cooking school here and she can help us. She can give advice. She can give tips but she can't touch it so we are really excited about the help. Thank you Jenny so much for that.

Kerry: What we will do is you will vote on it at the end of this and then I'll win and I'll present my cake to the church on our 16th anniversary.

Chris: Or I will present my cake to the church on our 16th anniversary.

Kerry: No. Shake and Cake. Let's bake.

Chris: Kerry has no idea but I am actually going to make a prayer fountain and it is going to blow his out of the water. This is forming a base and right here in the middle I have the fountain part and I am going to build it up.
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