by Kerry Shook

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One Shot (2 of 2)
Series: 60 Seconds of Clarity
Pastor Kerry Shook

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"Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted in one moment, would you capture it or just let it slip?"
(Marshal Mathers III from "Lose Yourself")

Matthew 25:14-30 (NIV)

"Again, it will be like a man going on a journey, who called his servants and entrusted his property to them. To one he gave five talents of money, to another two talents, and to another one talent, each according to his ability. Then he went on his journey. The man who had received the five talents went at once and put his money to work and gained five more. So also, the one with the two talents gained two more. But the man who had received the one talent went off, dug a hole in the ground and hid his master's money. 'After a long time the master of those servants returned and settled accounts with them. The man who had received the five talents brought the other five. 'Master,' he said, 'you entrusted me with five talents. See, I have gained five more.' 'His master replied, 'Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things.


I want you to take a look at this painting on the big screen. It is called The Unfinished Portrait by Elizabeth Shoumatoff, and of course it is of our 32nd president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. And Shoumatoff starting painting Roosevelt on April the 12th, 1945 and then Roosevelt took a break and ate lunch and at lunch he complained of a headache and then he slumped over in his chair passed out and he never regained consciousness. He died of a brain hemorrhage later that afternoon and now the unfinished portrait hangs in Franklin Roosevelt's former retreat in Warm Springs, Georgia. The Unfinished Portrait. Franz Schuber'ts Symphony Number 8 in B minor was never completed due to the great composer's death and now it is more commonly referred as The Unfinished Symphony. J.R. Tolkien who wrote the Lord of the Rings trilogy that we are all familiar with also had many unfinished books some of which his son published in 1980, and they were appropriately titled unfinished tales.

Now, I have cited some very famous examples, but there are multitudes of books that are only half written. There are countless paintings that are unfinished. There are numerous potential masterpieces that were never completed, and there are millions of dreams that were never acted upon. There are millions of dreams that die each and every day because they were never seized. There are countless life-changing possibilities that silently slip by each and every day because the moment was never grabbed because we are pros at procrastination. We are a procrastination nation.
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