by Kerry Shook

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Series: Olympic Moments - Winning at Life One Moment at a Time
Pastor Kerry Shook

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We underestimate the moment

The past is overrated

• Phil. 3:13, 14 (NIV)

The future will be determined by this moment


• Phil. 4:13 (KJV, NAS)

A Moment By Moment …

1. Attitude of Responsibility Rather Than Blame

"I …"

2. Attitude of Positive Faith Rather Than Fear

"I can do …"

• Isaiah 41:10 (The Msg)

3. Attitude of Prayer Rather Than Worry


I'm glad to be back. I love our church so much. As most of you know, I was on my annual July study break where I pray and I plan and I prepare for the exciting Fall here at Fellowship of The Woodlands. I just want to stop right now and thank our staff team for doing such a great job while I was gone. The associate pastors who preached for me, our children's and student ministry team who did a fantastic job. We took over 2500 kids and teenagers through our camps and activities this summer. Hundreds of children and teenagers made a faith commitment to Jesus Christ for the very first time. It was the greatest summer in the history of our church. I want to thank the hundreds of you adult volunteers who volunteered to help out in all those summer activities. In fact many of you gave up weeks of vacation to go to camp and be with the junior high or high school student. I praise God for you. One of the things I did last month was I took a group from our church to Greece and we sort of traced Paul's Missionary Journey in Greece. It was a powerful, spiritual time. But, one of the exciting things about it was that in a couple of weeks the Olympic Games are coming back to where it all started over 2,000 years ago - to Greece. As our tour bus drove into Athens, we looked out the window and we saw construction everywhere. It seems like the whole city is under construction getting ready for the Olympics. So, we asked our Greek tour director, "Are you guys going to be ready?" She said, "Well, let me give you the answer that one of our leading politicians just gave to the international media this last week when asked the same question." This politician said, "You have to understand the Greek mentality. The Greek mentality is like the dance of Zorba the Greek. The dance starts slowly and then it moves a little faster and then it ends in a frenzy." She said, "That's the way we are approaching the Olympics. It started really slowly, but we'll end in a frenzy and we'll all be ready." Well, they better end in a frenzy because they aren't ready. They said the other alternative is to take the games to Beijing because they are already ready for the games in 2008 right now.
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