by Kerry Shook

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Look Out for Number One (1 of 4)
Series: Mythbusters: Exploding the Myths that Steal our Happiness
Pastor Kerry Shook

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Beatitude means blessings

My happiness is not determined by the atmosphere outside me but the atmosphere inside me

• Matthew 5:3 (NIV)

"poor in spirit" = humility

- Humility lifts me from the stressed zone to the blessed zone

• I Peter 5:6,7 (NIV)

- Humility lifts me from the weak zone to the strength zone
• James 4:6 (LB)

How to Look Up to the
Real Number One


Welcome to our international television audience right now. How many of you have seen the television show Mythbusters? Yeah, I like the show. It's where a couple of guys take urban legends and they put them to the test. They have this crash dummy that they have named Buster. To put myth to the test they take Buster and do all kinds of things putting him through trials and tribulation and turmoil. Things like throwing Buster out of the airplane at 15,000 feet, shooting Buster out of a canon and putting Buster in a falling elevator. Now, we here at Fellowship of The Woodlands have our own version of Mythbusters. You may not have been aware of it but we do. We have our very own crash dummy that we affectionately call Fellowship Fred. This week the myth that we put to the test is an old urban legend about a little girl at a county fair who wanted to buy a balloon. She went up to the guy who was selling balloons and he was trying to get her a balloon and he handed her the whole cluster and she began to fly away. Well, Pastor Stan and I, the Fellowship of The Woodlands mythbusters, decided to go up to the roof of the auditorium this week, six stories up, and we took along with us Fellowship Fred. All of our creative team was there to help us out and we put this urban legend to the test. The result surprised every one of us. Just watch.


Can you believe that? You see, our very scientific, creative team told me that they had done some testing and that Fellowship Fred would just float gently to the ground. So we put our name and phone number on it and after it took off to 6,000 feet pretty much immediately we got concerned so we called the sheriff's office and we said if you guys get any calls from anyone saying there is a man with a cluster of balloons flying overhead just know it's a mannequin, okay? It's a crash dummy. Five minutes later they called us back and they said thanks for calling. We're getting bombarded with calls from all over. They said there had been reports at The Woodlands Mall and Market Street of some dude holding a cluster of balloons flying overhead. He's now in flight patterns. But as of right now we haven't heard from anyone. No one has found him. We believe he is somewhere over the Caribbean at this time.
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