by Kerry Shook

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Body on Track (3 of 4)
Series: Life on Track: The Power of Living from Your Priorities
Kerry Shook
1 Thessalonians 5:23

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1 Thessalonians 5:23 (MSG)

Three Unhealthy Attitudes about the Body

You can reject your body
You can perfect your body
You can neglect your body

Romans 12:1-2 (NLT)

My body is important to God because …

My Body was created by God
Psalm 139:13, 14 (NIV)

The Body was worn by God
John 1:14 (NIV)


Hey, we're in this series we're calling Life on Track as we're looking to God's word to learn how to make some divine and drastic changes in our lives in order to live from our priorities, and we've said that our priorities are sort of like tracks that we lay down in advance so our lives can run on them; and if you don't lay down any tracks in advance, if you don't know what's most important in life, if you don't decide what your priorities are, then it's kind of like a train without a track. You get stuck in life. But then even when you do know what's most important and you've laid down that track in advance for your life to run on, our culture is constantly pressuring us and pushing us off track and on to the world's track, the one the crowd is going down, and you'll live your life either by following the crowd or by following your calling. You can't really do both. And in this series we're learning how to line our lives up with the things that matter most because power flows through priorities.

Now today we're talking about body on track as we're looking to God's word to see what He has to say about getting our physical bodies on track, and maybe you saw the title of the message when you came in and you thought: Wait a minute. We're talking about physical fitness, physical health in church? I thought we were only supposed to talk about spiritual things in church. Well, no. God cares about every area of your life, and that's why it says in I Thessalonians 5:23:

"May God Himself, the God who makes everything holy and whole, make you holy and whole, and put you together-spirit, soul, and body and keep you fit for the coming of our Master, Jesus Christ."

So God cares about your whole person. He cares about the whole person, and He wants to make you whole, and our physical bodies are important to God. The body, the soul, the spirit are all intertwined.

Three Unhealthy Attitudes about the Body
God cares about our body, but there are a lot of unhealthy attitudes that people today have about the physical body. One is you can reject your body, and a lot of people do this. They say: I hate my body. I don't like the way I look. I wish I could just give it back to God. God, you messed up, and that's a very unhealthy attitude to have toward your body.
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