by Kerry Shook

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Bringing Sexy Back (3 of 3)
Series: iTunes Theology
Pastor Kerry Shook

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• Heb. 13:4 (The Msg)

Bring Back…

1. The Foundation of Commitment

Sex is a physical expression of a sacred commitment.

• Matt. 19:4-6 (NIV)

2. The Framework of Connection

Sex is a physical expression of a sacred connection.

• 1 Cor. 6:16 (The Msg)

• Spiritual Oneness

• Emotional Oneness

• Physical Oneness


Yeah. We're concluding the series that I've been in the last several weeks that I've been calling iTunes Theology as we are taking a popular song from the culture and then we're downloading God's principles for life. Usually we've been singing the song with one of our music team members before the message. Well, this one we really struggled with. It just didn't seem quite appropriate in church so we came up with a better idea. We have a young man in our student ministry from the Bahamas who has been helping out a lot and he is a rapper. I came to him this week and ask him to write a rap song based on my message, based on real love from 1 Corinthians 13 and he came up with an unbelievable song. I want you to welcome Surrender. Surrender come up here.

Surrender. I told you that would be better then Justin Timberlake, didn't I? Just give him that and in a couple of days he comes up with that. That's talent. The Justin Timberlake song, Bringing Sexy Back was number one on the pop charts, but it really has nothing to do with Bringing Sexy Back, it's really just more of the same old stuff that we hear over and over and over again. In fact, most of the so-called love songs today are what I call lust songs. If we really want to bring sexy back we want to go to the original song writer, God, because He created sex. We've got to go back to God's original intent for sex. When we do that we see at first that sex is a gift of God. It's a gift of God to first promote unity in a marriage relationship. Five times in the Bible it says the two will become one flesh. So God gives us this gift to promote oneness in the marriage relationship. Then secondly, it's to provide pleasure. God is a good God and He gave us this gift for our enjoyment. Then thirdly, it's to produce children. The first commandment God ever gave human beings was to be fruitful and multiply. This by the way is the only commandment we've ever been able to keep. We've done a pretty good job of it. The sad thing for many couples, though, is the only benefit for sex is this third thing. They have some children to show for it, but there is no oneness and no unity and there's no enjoyment. But God created sex as a gift. It's not only a gift of God, it's a good gift of God. Sex is not sinful, it's not dirty, it's not a necessary evil. Sex is a good gift of God.
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