by Kerry Shook

American Chopper: Figuring Out Fathers
Pastor Kerry Shook

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• Ex. 20:12 (NIV)

• How I relate to my father can affect every other relationship in my life

• How I relate to my father can affect how I relate to God


1. The Tool of Acceptance

• Prov. 20:20 (GN)

2. The Tool of Gratitude

• 1 Thess. 5:18 (KJV)

A promise for those never accepted by a father


It's about some sons and a father who have and build some of the sweetest, custom designed motorcycles in America. Most of you don't know this, but not only am I a pastor, but on the side, my sons and I, we build custom designed motorcycles as well. What are you laughing about? You see you know me as Pastor Kerry, but all my motorcycle buddies and my sons know me as Big Daddy. That's what they call me. In fact, one of the cable channels, an obscure cable channel has decided to make a show out of us and they're calling it Fellowship Chopper. It airs on the Recovery Channel next month. The first episode is already out and I just happen to have a preview of it. Just watch this.


That's one of the bikes I build, right there. A tricycle just for me. It took me two weeks to get those tattoos off. It was awful. Everywhere I would go people would say, Pastor Kerry, what's that tattoo? What's the deal? I didn't realize those things stayed on for so long. I do want to thank the real Big Daddy's, those guys were awesome. They let us do whatever we wanted to down there and they build some amazing bikes. I think it's only appropriate that we start this new mini-series American Chopper on Father's Day because the show is about so much more than motorcycles. It's really about some sons and a hard-to-figure-out father. It's about this complicated relationship between this father and his children. The show is pretty hilarious at times because of this father's outrageous personality and you can tell that the father is really proud of his kids. You can tell that he really loves them a whole lot, but it's also very clear that this father is missing some emotional tools that he needs to really connect with his kids. I believe that the father has all the tools that he needs to build great motorcycles, but he's lacking in some of the tools that he needs to really be able to help his children feel an unconditional love and total acceptance. It's like most of us dads today, we have the tools we need to build a great business, or we have the tools we have to succeed at work, but many of us are lacking in the tools that we need to help our children feel totally love and unconditionally accepted. Many of us dads are lacking the tools we need to really express our feelings to our kids.
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