by Kerry Shook

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The Matrix: Revolutions (1 of 2)
Series: Christmas Blockbusters: The Blockbuster Truths of Why Jesus Came
Pastor Kerry Shook

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• The Matrix we get trapped in is our false beliefs

• My Matrix of false beliefs is the cause of my unhappiness

• John 18:37 (NCV)

• John 8:32 (NIV)

Three Choices That Destroy The Matrix That Makes Us Miserable

1. Choose to Believe the Truth

• Rom. 1:25 (LB)

2. Choose to Live in the Light of Truth

• 1 John 1:6,7 (NIV)

• It illuminates

• Matt. 4:16 (NIV)


If you will take out your outlines from your program I'm starting a new mini-series today that I'm calling Christmas Blockbusters. We are going to take two of the blockbuster movies this holiday season and we are going to use these two movies that just happen to be the last part of trilogies. We are going to use these two movies to take a deeper look at the blockbuster truths of why Jesus came to the earth on the first Christmas in hopes that Christmas will change our lives on a daily basis as we apply these biblical principles. Now, first we are going to look at The Matrix: Revolutions. The last of the three part Matrix blockbusters. I know you are probably expecting us to do a cool Matrix video like we did last time with Reloaded, but I just have to say that I really didn't have time to get around to that this week so we didn't do anything really cool this week.


The video interrupts Kerry while he's preaching with typing on the big screens and then Kerry goes into the Matrix to fight a rogue preschool agent who has multiplied himself.

I knew the pre-school ministry was growing, but I had no idea. In the first Matrix, the character Neo sees on his computer screen "Wake up Neo" as they are trying to tell him that the world that he is living in is a false, computer generated world called the Matrix. He breaks out of the Matrix into the real world. On the first Christmas God sent a wake up call to the world. He came to this earth to wake us up from just existing in life so we could experience real life. He wants us to move out of the Matrix into reality. Now, in the Revolutions, the last part of the Matrix series they use the word believe a lot. That's because in the real world our beliefs are really important. Our beliefs determine our behavior on a daily basis. There is a belief behind everything you do in life. There is a belief behind every action you take in life. For example, when you walked in here this morning you sat down in that chair because you believed that that chair would hold you up. Now, for some of us who've really eaten a lot already this holiday season, it took a lot of faith.
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