by Kerry Shook

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Sizzle and Substance (1 of 2)
Series: Sizzle - God's Counsel on Dating, Love and Keeping a Marriage Hot!
Pastor Kerry Shook

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The Man
"Dear lover and friend, you're a secret garden, a private and pure fountain. Body and soul, you are a paradise, a whole orchard of succulent fruits … A garden fountain, sparkling and splashing, fed by spring waters from the Lebanon mountains."

The Woman
"Wake up, North Wind, get moving, South Wind! Breathe on my garden, fill the air with spice fragrance. Oh, let my lover enter his garden! Yes, let him eat the fine, ripe fruits." Song of Solomon 4:12-16 (MSG)

The Substance that Creates Sizzle

1. A Strong Spiritual Connection

• Song of Solomon 1:3 (NIV)

• Song of Solomon 1:5,6 (MSG)

• Hebrews 13:4 (MSG)
• Character
• Commitment

2. A Deep Emotional Oneness

• She needs to feel treasured


You guys smell that? Oh, it's a great smell, isn't it? Do you hear that sizzle? In honor of Father's Day I'm sizzling up the perfect man food - bacon! Yeah. I think the reason why bacon is so great is not just because it's so healthy and good for you, it's because it satisfies so many of the senses. I mean first it tastes great, and that smell. I mean you can't beat the smell of bacon cooking in the morning. What a way to wake up! But then I think best of all is the sound. Yeah! It sounds applause to me. It's like yeah ... yeah. It's like the crowd's going wild. It's like bacon is cheering for itself because it knows how great it is. Yeah! It's like I'm bacon, I know I'm great. Yeah! You can put me on anything and it makes it great ... from ground beef to filet mignon, everything tastes better with bacon, and a man's love affair for bacon starts early on.

I came across this YouTube video that's gone viral last year, and it's from the television show, Wife Swap, and this woman comes in to live with a family for several weeks, and she really has some good intentions. This family eats a lot of junk food, a lot of fatty foods, and so she decides to help them eat healthier. She's trying to teach them and train them, and then she cleans out the refrigerator, and she's doing a great job, but she makes one fatal mistake, she messes with the bacon, and for the little boy who is a lover of bacon, it is the final straw. Just watch.

(VIDEO) I need you guys to help me in the kitchen to fill these. We can do it. I don't like this crap. Definitely no cheese in the can. No. Very happy to be throwing this away. Bacon. No, I want my bacon. I got to tell ya something. Bacon is good for me. This is very mean. You're going to be going to the grocery store. She thinks out of the blue she's this smart little girl that she can do whatever she wants. No. That's not how she can do it in our family.
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