by Kerry Shook

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Me Tarzan, You Jane (2 of 4)
Series: It's a Jungle Out There! - Guiding Your Way Through the Stresses of Life
Pastor Kerry Shook

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• The Blame Game

• Gen. 3:12,13 (GN)

• Hide - n - Seek

• Gen. 3:9,10 (LB/GN)

• Monopoly

• Gen. 3:16 (JB)




I started a new series last week that I'm calling "It's a Jungle Out There!" as we are learning how to safari our way through the stresses of life because life in the 21st century is more stressful then ever. Today we are looking at the marriage jungle. It seems like everything in our societal jungle today is working against marriage. The jungle of stress will either strengthen your marriage or tear it apart depending on how you handle it. If you are married or if you ever think there might be the slightest chance that you will be one day, take out your outlines from your program because we all need this message. We are going to go back to the original jungle paradise, the Garden of Eden and we are going to study the very first married couple, Adam and Eve. Just think about it, everything was perfect in the original marriage jungle. Adam and Eve had no bills to pay, they had no kids hanging on them, and they had no in-laws and no clothes, everything you need for a perfect relationship. Adam could never compare Eve's cooking to his mothers and Eve could never bring up old boyfriends to Adam. There is no doubt that Adam had married the most beautiful and brilliant woman in the world - the only woman in the world - and no doubt Eve had married the most handsome and articulate and considerate man in the world. It was perfect in the original marriage jungle, but then sin entered the relationship and along with it came something called stress. Adam and Eve started playing games with God in the jungle of stress. It really hurt them and their relationship with God. The problem is not the marriage jungle of stress. The problem is how you and I deal with the marriage jungle of stress. It's the games that we play that become relational quicksand that can sink any marriage. I want us to look at the games that Adam and Eve play that really hurt their relationship to God and each other because they are the very same games that you and I play today in the marriage jungle.

The first game they played was the Blame Game. They played the blame game. Our first response in the marriage jungle of stress is to shoot poison darts at our spouse. Usually when we are under stress we take it out on the one closest to us, our mate. It reminds me that a husband and wife were getting ready for a dinner party with the husband's new boss. He was really stressed about it to begin with and they were running late.
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