by Kerry Shook

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Zoo Crew (3 of 4)
Series: It's a Jungle Out There! - Guiding Your Way Through the Stresses of Life
Pastor Kerry Shook

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1. Develop a New Picture of the Animals in the Wild Kingdom of Work

• Phil. 2:4-5 (GN)

• The Rhino - runs over people
• The Lion - roars in anger
• The Elephant - never forgets an offense
• The Parrot - repeats all the office gossip
• The Crocodile - only surfaces when an idea is presented in order to drag it down under
• The Giraffe - the perfectionist who looks down on everyone else


… but it's certainly a jungle out there. That's why we're in this series on how to deal with the stresses of life. Today we are talking about the work jungle, because it's definitely a wild kingdom in the workplace. Many times the stress of our work turns into a cage because you deal with all kinds of people and all kinds of problems and all kinds of pressures. The stress sort of becomes a cage that traps us in the work jungle. In today's workplace it's easy to get trapped in the stress cage. There is an intense pressure to perform at peak levels at all times. Folks, that's just not humanly possible. It can't be done. Eventually the stress cage closes in on you. It comes out in the form of emotional or physical burnout or depression or the breakup of a marriage or the breakdown of a family. Unless you are some super human Tarzan, we all need to know how to break free from the stress cage. Everybody deals with the stress cage because everybody works. Whether you are part of the zoo crew that drives downtown every week to an office or you are a stay at home mom who has your own zoo crew to deal with - we all work - so we all need to learn how to deal with the stresses in the jungle of work. We all need to learn how to get out of the stress cage and break free so that we can enjoy the wild kingdom in the workplace. Now, the person of peace is really an endangered species in the wild kingdom of work, but that is what God wants for you. He wants you to be at peace in the middle of the pressure and in the middle of the problems. But, sometimes, we make the mistake of looking through the bars of the stress cage we are in and looking out into someone else's situation and we think if I could just have a job like theirs. I mean, they don't have any stress. We look out through the bars of our stress cage and we say if only I could be in that perfect job over there. They have absolutely no stress at all in their life. But, if you could get a closer look, if you could really see into their life and their job, you would see that they have job stress just like you do because everyone has work related stress.
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