by Jeff Strite

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Do I Qualify For Heaven? (1 of 5)
Series: Got Questions?
Jeff Strite
Matthew 22:1-14

We're beginning a series of sermons based on questions submitted by the people of this congregation, as well as questions from people in the churches at Spring Creek, Pisgah and Walton. As their preachers and I prayed about the responses we received, we found that there were certain questions that occurred again and again.
One of the most prominent of the questions we received was this one: Do I qualify for heaven? Or, another way to ask that question (based on the parable we're using this morning) - am I properly dressed to get in to heaven?

OPEN: A woman and her young daughter were attending the wedding of one their relatives. And this was the first time the little girl had ever seen a wedding ceremony. She was in awe by the pomp and beauty of everything. The music, the formal atmosphere, the decorations, the bride and groom and their attendants in fine gowns and tuxes.
Sometime during the ceremony, the little girl leaned over to her mother and whispered: "Mommy, mommy."
"What dear," her mother replied.
"Why is the bride dressed in white?"
The mother thought about that for moment and struggled to come up with a simple explanation her daughter would understand. Finally, she smiled and said to her daughter: "The bride wear white, because white is the color of happiness, and today is the happiest day of her life"
The little girl thought about this for a moment, and then she said, "So why's the groom wearing black?"

APPLY: Weddings are usually "dress up affairs". Not only do the bride and groom generally spend a lot of money on their gown and tux but so the maids of honor and groomsmen. In addition, family and friends generally dress up in their Sunday best to show respect and honor to the newly married couple.
Now, I've been to many weddings, and I've conducted a fair number of them as well… but I don't know as if I've ever been to a wedding where someon ...

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