by Kerry Shook

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God the Son (2 of 3)
Series: God Cubed
Kerry Shook

Let's give a warm welcome to our television audience worldwide and let them know that you are glad they are joining us. We are in a series that I am calling God Cubed as we're exploring the trinity. The Bible says that God is one God revealed in three distinct persons, God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. It's sort of like this watermelon here which I've already thumped to make sure it's ripe. It looks really good. Look at that. You have the outer layer or the rind. Then you have the red juicy part that we love to eat. Then you have the seeds. Three distinct pieces, but they are all one watermelon. That's the way it is with God. Three distinct persons, God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit yet all one God. Now I know a watermelon doesn't completely explain the trinity and we said last week that in our finite mind it's hard for us to understand this infinite concept. It's hard for us to understand an infinite God, but it's important to explore the trinity. As we said last week we have a God who wants to relate to us like a perfect, loving father. He loves us so much. We were created with this father void in our lives that only a perfect Heavenly Father can fill and we try to fill it with so many things that just don't fit. It's good to know that we have a powerful and perfect Heavenly Father. Today we are going to see that we also have a personal Savior. God the Son, Jesus Christ, wants to be our personal Savior. I want you to open your Bibles to John, Chapter 1 and if you'd like you can read it off the screens. It's out key passage today. Would you stand in honor of God's Word and read this aloud with me. ''Before anything else existed there was Christ with God. He has always been alive and is Himself God. Christ became a human being and lived here on earth among us and was full of loving forgiveness and truth. Some of us have seen His glory, the glory of the only Son of the Heavenly Fa ...

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