by Kerry Shook

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Stakes (3 of 4)
Series: Generations
Pastor Kerry Shook

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• Judges 2:10 (NIV)

• Deut. 6:5-9 (NIV)


• Land of commitment

• Land of compromise


You know we're in a series that I'm calling Generations. It's how to live a life that outlasts you. But, we're also putting this series into practice as today we're breaking ground for our new Children's Building, Family Life Center, Chapel in the Woods and Fellowship Plaza that thirteen months from now it will be almost completed, and we're going to break ground today, and we're going to see God do amazing things. And, next weekend is going to be one of the greatest weekends in the history of our church as we celebrate our thirteenth anniversary. We're turning thirteen. We're going to be a teenager as a church, and we're going to celebrate. It's going to be powerful services. I hope you'll invite your friends. At the end of each service we'll give our cash gift and three-year commitment over and above our regular tithes so that we can build these buildings that will make a difference for generations to come.

I. Realize what's at stake

Now today what I want to do is just share my heart with you about my life's passion, because it's the passion of my life that I live my life in such a way that I pass on my faith to my kids. And, they pass on their faith to their kids, to their kids and to their kids. It's the passion of my life that I live my faith in such a genuine way that it makes a difference for generations to come. There are a lot of things that are good to give your kids - a loving home, a good education, opportunities to fulfill their dreams. But the greatest thing I could ever give my kids is a real and genuine faith. That's the only thing that's going to matter one day. But, it's really difficult to pass on our faith in this day and age because there are so many things that are trying to grab our children's hearts and minds. They are the voices of secularism - the powerful forces of secularism - voices that tell our kids that God has no place anymore in the public square, and we need to just be quite about our faith. Then there are the voices of materialism - these powerful forces of materialism - all these voices that tell our kids that the secret to happiness is to accumulate things, and the more you have the happier you'll be because your self worth equals your net worth, and that's just not true. Then there are the powerful forces of hedonism. There are so many voices telling our kids that this life is all there is, so live it up. Live for yourself. Look out for number one. Party it up. Live for pleasure. Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die.
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