by Jeff Schreve

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Surviving the Great Depression (4 of 7)
Series: The Recovery Room
Pastor Jeff Schreve
1st Kings 19

We're in a series called "The Recovery Room." Today, I want to speak to you on this subject, "Surviving the Great Depression."

Now a wife came into the bedroom. Her husband was there in the bed. She said, "Honey, you need to get up to go to church." He said, "I'm not going to church today." She said, "Well, you need to get up and go to church." He said, "I'm not going to church today. Nobody likes me down there at that church. I don't get anything out of that church. I'm not going to church." She said, "Well, you really need to go." He said, "Give me three good reasons why I should go to church." She said, "Well, number one, you know it makes you feel so much better when you go to church." And she said, "And reason number two, you know that God wants you to go to church. And reason number three, you're the pastor" (laughter). Now, obviously, that guy was depressed (laughter). Can you relate? I think we've all been there. You get down and discouraged and depressed and you want to stay in bed.

Hey, we're going to talk about "Surviving the Great Depression," something that we all know something about. Now we know about it in different stages. See, depression ranges anywhere from the Monday morning blues to deep clinical depression. And lots of people struggle with depression. They struggle with a blue mood. And although they struggle with it, they don't really know how to define it. One person defined it this way: He said, "It's kind of like a black curtain that just comes down over my life and engulfs me in darkness, just a heaviness." Someone has given this definition for depression: It's a hopelessness that is not consistent with reality. It's an emotional state of exaggerated feelings of sadness; extreme, intense discouragement that causes negative circumstances to just overwhelm and debilitate a person's life. Do you struggle with depression? Are you str ...

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