by Jeff Schreve

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Why Bad Things Happen to Good People (5 of 7)
Series: The Recovery Room
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Job 1:1-12

He said, "Well, I've got to tell you my story." He said, "I'm a brick layer." And he said, "I was laying brick and making a brick wall." And he said, "It was pretty high up, about three stories up." And he said, "I got finished with my wall and I had quite a number of bricks, left over on the scaffolding." And so he said, "I wanted to get them down. But he said, "I didn't have a good way of getting them down, so I thought about what could be a way that would help me." And so he said, "I took a yardarm, just a piece of metal," and he said, "I kind of rigged it up and I set it up as a base up at the top of the scaffold." And he said, "And I ran a pulley to it, and I ran a rope through the pulley, and I had it set there." And he said, "I was down on the ground." And he said, "I took the rope and I tied the rope on to a barrel." And he said, "I hoisted the barrel up to the top of the wall and to the top of that scaffold, and I tied the rope on to the bumper of my truck." And he said, "I climbed up there and I began to load all those bricks into the barrel." He said, "It was a great plan. It was going to save me a lot of time." And he said, "Then I went down. After I got all the bricks in the barrel," he said, "I went down and I untied the rope from the bumper of my car." He said, "But what I hadn't figured was that barrel full of bricks was heavier than I was." And so he said, "As soon as I untied the rope," he said, "I started up and the barrel started down." He said, "For some reason, I didn't have the presence of mind to let go of the rope." And he said, "We met half-way." And he said, "The barrel hit me in the head, and it hit me in the shoulder. And man, it just knocked me for a loop." But he said, "I managed to hold on until I got my fingers wedged into the pulley." And he said, "At that time, the barrel hit the ground. And when the barrel hit the ground, ...

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