by Jeff Schreve

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All Systems Go! (7 of 7)
Series: The Recovery Room
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Mark 14

I hope and pray and trust that God has been speaking to your heart as He has been speaking to my own, and I hope that you are getting on the road to recovery in some dysfunction in your life. You know, we've talked about the fact that it's never too broken to mend. No matter how messed up your life might be, no matter how messed up a relationship is, a marriage is, it's never too broken for God to do a miracle and God to mend it. And we've also talked about how we need to receive God's forgiveness. And lots of people carry around a big old sack of guilt everywhere they go. And God wants you to lay that down. And God wants you to receive His forgiveness. And not only does God want you to receive His forgiveness; God wants you to grant forgiveness. Lots of people have two sacks really that they carry around - a big old sack of guilt and a big sack of bitterness. They just carry it everywhere they go. And they're guilty before God and they're bitter toward others. And God says, "Let that go. Let that down so that you can heal." And we also learned that bad things do happen to good people. And when those things happen, you don't allow your heart to get bitter toward God and angry at God. You allow God to use that to help you grow in your relationship with Him.

Well, today, we want to talk about how to stay on the road to recovery. I mean, when you start to do better and you're out of sick bay and you, now you're starting to move into health, how do you stay on that road, and how do you not detour and fall back into the destructive patterns that seem to characterize your life? I heard a story about a traveler, very experienced traveler, and he was traveling, from one state to another state. And he was on a back road. And he got to a sign as he's driving, and the sign said, "Road closed: Detour," and it had a line that way. Well, the man looked down the road that was supposedly closed ...

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