by Kerry Shook

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Gravitational Pull (2 of 3)
Series: Creative License
Pastor Kerry Shook

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When I live from my God-given passion it produces satisfaction and success.

• 2 Chron. 31:21 (NIV)

• Prov. 4:23 (NIV)


• The Lure of Planet Lust

• Eph. 4:19 (NIV)

• The Deep Freeze of Planet Fear

• 1 John 4:18 (NIV)

• The Radiation of Planet Resentment


That's not very good. You can do better than that. Good morning. There you go. God has done so many great things through you at Fellowship of The Woodlands. You may not have realized it but right now in Los Angeles, Fellowship of The Woodlands services are being broadcast for the first time on the WB KTLA Channel 5. The television ministry keeps expanding and God is working in a great way. So pray about that. Right now would you give a warm, Fellowship of The Woodlands welcome to our national and international television audience right now?

The story goes that it was a tree like this one that Sir Isaac Newton sat under and an apple fell off the tree, hit him on the head and opened up his mind to make one of the greatest discoveries of all time - the law of gravity. This invisible force called gravity is all around us all the time and we have to abide by its law. I can go against the earth's gravitational pull, but what goes up must come down. We all know about the law of gravity, but did you also know there is another gravitational force on your life right now? It's also a God-ordained law of the universe. It's the gravitational pull of your heart called passion. We're in a new series that's going to help you and me make a more important discovery then Sir Isaac Newton's. We're going to discover the "me" I was created to be. God has given you a creative license to be fully you. We said last week to locate my position, place and purpose on this earth I have to look at the GPS System that God has placed in my life. We said that GPS stands for Gifts, Passion and Struggles. Those are the three factors that God uses in my life to help me find my place and purpose on this earth. Today we are talking about how to live my God-given passion. The same God that created the earth with a gravitational pull that keeps me right now from floating off into space and the same God that created the sun with it's massive gravitational pull that propels the earth around it every 365 days is the same God that created you with the gravitational pull on your heart. To discover my purpose in life I have to follow the gravitational pull of my heart's passion. To discover my purpose I have to live for my passion. The Bible says my passion comes from my heart. The Bible uses the word heart to describe all those internal motivations and desires and dreams and interests and passions of my life.
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