by Stephen Whitney

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Godlessness Revealed (1 of 5)
Series: II Timothy 3
Stephen Whitney
II Timothy 3:1-5

We live in a society filled with violence. Every night on the evening news we hear of people being shot or stabbed because of some argument. We hear of adults killing a young baby because they were upset that he or she would not stop crying. Violence is becoming more and more prevalent in our society because people care about themselves more than anyone else.

One example of violence was the murder of John White in a quiet neighborhood in southwest Cleveland. The killer was a 19-year-old hired by White's two kids. His 17-year-old son and 14-year-old daughter who paid $60 to have their own father killed. His daughter even waited in another room until the fatal shot was
fired so she knew that her father was dead before she came out.

The brother and sister paid off the murderer; then hid the body in a back room of the house. After hiding the body they used their dad's credit cards to go on a 10-day spending spree. They spent some $2,000 on televisions, video games, bicycles and other amusements and entertainment.

While their father's body was decaying in the utility room, they were cooking meals in the kitchen just a few feet away and enjoying themselves in the living room with their new television.

When they were caught, they openly confessed to the entire, bizarre event. When asked why, they answered: "He wouldn't let us do anything we wanted." Their dad had angered his kids
by trying to enforce an evening curfew and by not allowing them to quit school or "smoke pot." So they had him killed.

Instead of honoring their father, who had raised them and provided for them, they had him killed because they didn't like the rules he had put down for them to obey so they would grow up to be responsible adults. Today, like other societies throughout history, people only care about themselves and only live for themselves.

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