SEX (2 OF 3)

by Kerry Shook

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Sex (2 of 3)
Series: American Idols: The Substitutes that Steal Our Happiness"
Pastor Kerry Shook

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• Sex is a "God thing" and that makes it a good thing

• 1 Tim. 4:4 (GN)

God created sex to provide:

• intimacy
• enjoyment

• Proverbs 5:18,19 (LB)
• children

• If sex becomes a "god thing" it turns into the idol of lust

• Col. 3:5 (LB/NIV)


I'm in a series I'm calling American Idols: The Substitutes that Steal Our Happiness. We are having a little fun in this series because we are having our own Fellowship of The Woodlands version of American Idol. I gave every one last week the chance to try out for their dream job. That is, the job of doing the welcome at one of our weekend services. Wednesday night we had the tryouts and we had our panel of three judges, pastors who normally do the welcome and we had a lot of people try out and we were pleasantly surprised. There were some really, really good people. Then there were some that were really, really not so good. So, we have the highlights of the try outs. Fellowship of The Woodlands American Idol. Here it is.


Give all the contestants a big hand. We couldn't show most of them but they were great sports. This is March Madness Fellowship of The Woodlands style as we are down to the final four. You can go on line today at and you can watch the final four contestants, the whole video streaming of their entire welcome and then you can place your vote. When you go home vote for who you think should be doing the welcome because the actual winner will do the welcome next weekend at the weekend services here at Fellowship of The Woodlands. We thought a while back we might try this and let people try out to preach the message and after seeing that, I'm so glad we didn't. We are having a little fun in this series, but we are talking about one of the most serious subjects in the entire Bible and that is idols. We said last week that an idol is anything we substitute for God in our lives. It can even be a good thing, but if we put it first place, ahead of God in our lives, it becomes an idol and it can be destructive and it causes us to miss out on God's best for our lives. Today we are talking about a subject that many churches never talk about - sex. But the problem is, every one else is talking about it. Hollywood, the media, all of society will tell us their view about sex, so I think it's so important that we look at God's Word to see what God has to say about this very important subject. The fact of the matter is, He has a lot to say about it.

If you'll take out your outlines from your program, the first thing that I want you to see is that Sex is a "God thing" and that makes it a good thing. Sex is a God thing and that makes it a good thing.
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