by Kerry Shook

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Extraordinary Life (1 of 5)
Series: Extraordinary
Pastor Kerry Shook

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• Daniel 2:20-23 (NIV)

The secret to Daniel's extraordinary life was Divine wisdom and Divine power.

Divine Wisdom: Knowing the right thing to do.

• Dan. 5:14 (NET1)

Divine Power: The motivation and strength to do the right thing.

• Dan. 1:12-16 (NIV)

• 2 Cor. 4:7 (NET1)


• Rom. 12:1 (Msg)


Chris and I were watching television a while back and one of those informercials came on and we never buy any of that stuff. I mean, I guess we're just a little too skeptical, but this one got our attention. It was for some sort of orthopedic miracle pillow and at the time Chris had a stiff neck and they showed a computer animation of how this thing would align your spine and pretty much align the stars in the universe all at the same time so we were interested and if it is computer animation it has to be true. You know that don't you? You know if it is on the internet or computer animation, then it has got to be true and so anyway they said that it usually cost about three or four hundred dollars for this orthopedic miracle pill, but for me if I called right then I could get it for 19.99. Why is it always 19.99? I don't know and then they said those powerful words that you cannot resist, "but wait there's more." If you call right now they said that I would get an extra miracle pillow for free and then they said it again, "but wait there's more." They said if I would call right then not only would they throw in an extra miracle pillow for free, they would throw in two beautiful pillow cases. That last "but wait there's more" got me and that's the first time I've ever bought anything from an infomercial. I called, bought it, forgot all about it because it didn't arrive for about six months and when it came I didn't realize what it was. When I opened it up, it looked like a couple of old socks stuffed with toilet tissue and I thought what is this? Is this a prank? What is this? It was like, no it was the miracle pillows and then I kept looking in the box for the beautiful pillow case and couldn't find it. Then, I read in the instructions that it was actually the sock covering so you wouldn't have to sleep on the tissue and that I should feel so blessed because of that. Well, needless to say we have never once slept on our miracle pillows. Our dogs won't even sleep on those pillows. I think advertisers like that prey on something that is very real, something we all feel deep inside as we're going though the motions of our ordinary overcrowded, overwhelmed lives there is a voice deep within our souls that's crying out "but wait there's more".
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