by Kerry Shook

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Extraordinary Strength (4 of 5)
Series: Extraordinary
Pastor Kerry Shook

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• Gen. 50:20 (NIV)

When I feel weak I must …


• Rom. 5:3-4a (NLT)


• Phil. 4:13 (NKJV)


I have up here a bucket of sawdust and it is soft and fluffy and light as a feather. It's just saw dust and it's kind of messy if you want to know the truth. I hope you're not allergic to it. This same sawdust you don't really think about saw dust as something that's strong, but this same sawdust when heat and pressure is applied turns into this and this thing weighs about 50 pound - particle board and this is really strong particle board. Heat and pressure turn sawdust into something that's strong and it's the same in life. It's the pressures and problems of life that God uses to really build our character strong, to strengthen our faith. The only way we can really grow strong in the Lord is through the pressures and problems of life when the heat is on, choosing faith instead of ear.

We're in this series that we're calling extraordinary and we've been studying the life of Daniel in the Old Testament. He was an ordinary guy, but God gave him extraordinary strength in the stresses of life and what I want us to do for the next two weeks is look at another guy in the Old Testament that reminds me a lot of Daniel and that's Joseph. As you know, Joseph went through a lot of pain. He experienced a lot of problems. The heat was turned up in his life over and over again, but he always responded in faith and he just grew stronger. Joseph's brothers, they sold him into slavery and they were jealous of him and they sold him to some slave traders that traded him to someone in Egypt, Potiphar, and there in Potiphar's house, Joseph a man of integrity just really lived for God. He just did everything that his Master wanted him to do. He just served the whole family and basically Potiphar noticed it and raised him up to be head over his whole household and then Joseph was falsely accused. You know the story. He was thrown into prison and he's doing everything right and yet he experiences the pressure of betrayal. He experiences the heat of mistreatment and there in prison he could have just said to God I don't get it. This makes no sense. I'm not going to love You and serve You any more if this is what I get, but he didn't do that. He kept choosing to have faith instead of fear and God continued to strengthen him and build his faith and God used all the pain to elevate him to His purpose, raised him as second in command in all of Egypt right beneath Pharaoh himself and he saved all the people from famine.
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