by Jeff Strite

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Let's Go Fishing (1 of 4)
Series: Building On Christ
Jeff Strite
Luke 5:1-11

A couple of guys named Ed and Fred had gone fishing for the very first time in their lives. They went out and bought themselves a couple of rods and reels, went down to the lake and rented a boat at the boat rental place and rowed out to a likely place and let down their anchor.
They'd read enough about fishing to know how to bait their hooks and how to cast their lines, and after a few practice casts they settled into catching fish.
And boy, did they catch fish. It seemed that just about every time their line hit the water, a fish hit the line. They caught so many fish that they were really getting excited. But eventually it started getting dark and they needed to get the boat back to the rental place and head home.
Fred went to the prow of the boat and began hauling in the anchor, when he turned around to see Ed pull out a jackknife and start carving an "X" in bottom of the boat.
Fred said "What do you think you're doing?"
Ed looked up and replied "I'm marking this spot so we can find it again!"
"Oh, don't be stupid, Ed!" his friend growled. "That won't do any good. What if we get a different boat?"

How many of you like to fish?
(a large portion of the audience raised their hands).
Fishing can be a very fun and relaxing pastime.
But there are a lot of people who carry this pastime to a higher level.

I know of one man in this community that has spent several thousand dollars on his rods and reels, and who has competed in various competitions… and even been on one of the TV shows where sports fishermen like him go out and see who can catch the biggest catch and the largest fish.
Competitions like the one he competes in can offer over a million dollars in cash and prizes, and the folks who fish like this spend serious money on their equipment.
I looked on the internet and found
• One rod can cost up to $500 or more
• A good fishing reel can run anywhere ...

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