by Kerry Shook

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Leading (2 of 3)
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Pastor Kerry Shook

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Live Large

• 2 Kings 13:18-19 (NIV)

Encourage to Greatness

• Psalm 127:3-5 (NIV)

Accept Authority

• Ephesians 6:16 (NIV)


You look worried. What's the deal? Let's just say that that silhouette over there represents every leader because leaders make big targets. A leader in any area is always the one who's going to take the arrows. Some lady screamed down here like I just hit her. Are you okay? Don't worry. But it's true. The person out in front is always the one who takes the arrows of criticism. A leader in any area, you name the area, it can be technology, business, an innovator in any area is always the one who takes the arrows of criticism. Whenever you are on the cutting edge of anything you can expect to experience the cutting edge of criticism. First, there is what I call the arrow of insult. Whenever you are a leader you will always get the arrow of insult. Most of us are pretty insecure people to be honest and whenever we see someone leading and succeeding it makes us feel even more insecure and we cut people down in order to build ourselves up and make ourselves feel a lot better. But it never works. Whenever we criticize someone it just makes you feel worse about yourself. But whenever you lead, you can always expect to take the arrows of insult. Then there is the arrow of who do you think you are? Whenever you lead you'll always get the arrow of who in the world do you think you are anyway to lead? What makes you so special? I remember when our church was 2½ years old. We were just a small congregation and God worked a miracle and opened up 125 acres right here in The Woodlands. I went back to our small congregation and I said I really believe that God wants us to go for this. If we sacrifice, I think He can work a miracle here. Our church voted 300 to nothing to go for it. Then we voted with our finances and we sacrificed, everyone sacrificed, and our little congregation bought 125 acres and it was a miracle of God. I remember some people were saying who does that little church think they are getting 125 acres. They were asking the wrong question. It's not who we think we are, it's who we know God is. Anytime you lead and innovative in any area you will always get the arrow of who do you think you are anyway? But then there's the arrow of flattery. I would say probably the most dangerous arrow that any leader takes is this arrow of flattery because everyone who's ever lead knows that people have a tendency to put you up on a pedestal and think you've got it all together. Some leaders just put people around them that just flatter them the whole time.
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