by Jerry Watts

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A Glimpse of Heaven - Pt 2 (17 of 41)
Series: The Unveiling
Jerry Watts
Revelation 4:1-11

• Years ago, Lanny Wolfe wrote these words in a song;

o Heaven, I've had a little of Heaven, had a little taste of heaven want to go where the milk and honey flow, no more sorrow, pain, or woe, I've had a little of Heaven and I want to go there.

• While I loved and love the song, most of my adult life I have wondered, "What is there on earth that can compare to heaven?"

• Chapter 4 gives us our first glimpse inside the door to heaven. In our last message we saw that the centerpiece of heaven is the THRONE. In heaven everything emanates from the throne (the central sight of heaven).

• Let's change our thinking from the sights of heaven to the sounds of heaven and consider directly HOW they affect or help us today.

• First, there are some sounds which we 'don't' care to hear. (I.E fingernails on a chalkboard, incessant cry of a baby, screeching tires, the voice of a doctor with bad news, the voice of your mate saying, "I don't love" etc)

• Conversely, there are some sounds which we LONG to hear (I.E the cooing of a baby, doctor saying all is well, the trumpet call of God, and even 'Well done") Well done given only to those who know Christ and have done well.

• The sounds which permeate heaven are sounds which authentic believers want, desire, and even NEED to hear; it is the sounds of worship. Let's us listen to the word of God so that we learn from the word of God so that we will live out the word of God. In actuality, the only part of God's word that is REAL to us is the part which we live out and changes us.

• Let's focus on 3 parts of this worship experience in heaven.

1. The Direction of Worship - Of all that we find in this text, I submit this one is THE MOST CRITICAL for us today. A couple of years ago, I hinted that it might be time for us to do away with the music in our service for a season and suggested that this might reveal whe ...

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