by Jerry Watts

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Found in the Throne Room (18 of 41)
Series: The Unveiling
Jerry Watts
Revelation 5:1-7

• On TV is a series entitled "The Storage Wars". The theme of the show is that people gather at a storage facility where the storage room has been abandoned. Their hope is to buy the contents of the storage room at auction and make big money off of the purchase. Sometimes it's a bust and other times it's a pot of gold. When these folk walk into their purchased room, they never know what to expect.

• Have you ever walked into a room and don't know what to expect? Perhaps it was meeting your girlfriend's parent or a business meeting with an unknown client or maybe a doctor's appointment, but the not knowing was almost unbearable.

• In Revelation 4, the Lord says, "Come up here" and for the bride of Christ, it is time to enter a room which is beyond imagination. It is the "Throne Room of God." For the first time in our lives we will find ourselves face to face with the ONE who loved us, cared for us, because He created us, and saved us. The only way to be in this room at this time is to have responded to the drawing of the Holy Spirit of God and invited Jesus into your life. Once there, He changed your life as you walked with Him daily. A life with no change is a life with no Christ. It's that simple.

• For those who are saved, they find themselves in this room, but what do they see?

1) The Untouchable - Please don't miss this truth: You will never be able to reach up and touch God UNTIL He reaches down to touch you! Quite likely, the present day indoctrination about Jehovah God has been so skewed, that the modern day concept of God does not even approach evoking the awe which is felt by those who have walked in His presence. We tend to forget the power, the majesty, and the holiness of the one who sits on the throne. . In Isaiah 6, Isaiah fell face down and cried, "I am unworthy, unclean, and undone." At the burning bush, Moses hid his face in 'fea ...

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