by Jerry Watts

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Who Is Able To Stand? (21 of 41)
Series: The Unveiling
Jerry Watts
Revelation 6:9-17

• The last question in verse 17 is our first challenge of today. "Who is able to stand before the Lamb and the One on the throne in their day of wrath?" Just as surely as God sent the flood waters on evil during the days of Noah and sent the fire and brimstone on Sodom and Gomorrah during the days of Abraham, He will send His wrath on this evil world in the ends of days. In those days, "Who will be able to stand?"From the scripture we are getting a picture of the post-rapture and tribulation conditions of this world. Last week we watched as the Lamb popped each of the first four seals and were stunned by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and the devastation to this world. In the context of eschatology (end times), we still have 3 mores seals, 7 trumpets, and 7 vials (bowls) of judgment, so things are definitely going to get much worse for the inhabitants of earth. Already over 1.7 billion people have died. What's next?

• Focus your attention, see the Lamb break the next seal, and we see 2 things;

1) The Protection of the Persecuted - Don't miss this truth; these two seals are all about the workings of God Himself. We get a picture of souls under the altar.

a) What this means - Let me remind you what the scripture teaches about the tabernacle; the furnishings were a 'pattern' of the worship center in heaven. This means in heaven there is a 'perfected altar' of sacrifice in the throne room. In the Bible, it was the brazen altar where the animals were sacrificed. The blood poured out at the foot of the altar symbolizing that the animal was sacrificed for the person offering it. NOW get this picture; those souls who are under the altar have literally offered their lives up for our Lord. Their blood was broken and spilled out because of their faith in Christ so now, in heaven; they are afforded a special place. God has a special place for everyone who is fa ...

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