by Jerry Watts

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It'll Take Your Breath Away (24 of 41)
Series: The Unveiling
Jerry Watts
Revelation 8:1-13

• Please picture with me, like part of a movie, the action and situation of Revelation 8. In your mind's eye, picture the throne room. The Bride of Christ, the angels, elders, and the four living creative are constantly singing praise to the One on the Throne and to the Lamb (BTW, like it or not, as a general rule, heaven will not be quiet like a nursing home or a funeral home - it will be filled with the sounds of worship and praise.) The Lamb has taken possession of a scroll which was securely sealed with 7 seals. The scroll is the title deed to earth and contains instructions for the redemption and renovation of earth. As the Lamb begins to 'snap' each seal as He opens the scroll, judgments are sent upon the earth. Each judgment is a little worse than the previous and now the last seal is about to be opened. All of creation wonders what is next.

• This is where we find ourselves as we begin chapter 8. (READ TEXT)

• Simply put, the mighty workings of almighty God will take your breath away. This entire chapter is a lesson on being 'stunned' or 'amazed' by God. (4 thoughts)

1. The Calm Before the Storm - When the Lamb began the process of opening the scroll by breaking the seals, rapid fire judgment has fallen on the earth. The Tribulation is 7 years in length with the first 42 months known as simple the tribulation and the last 42 months as the Great Tribulation (because it gets so much worse). We are about half way through the Tribulation and already much has happened. After 6 seals we see a lull in the action, or better said, chapter 7. Then the 7th seal is broken.

• Can you imagine the fear of those who are watching? The judgment thus far has been staggering and the scroll is not even opened yet. When I read verse 1, in my soul I can hear an audible gasp as now the book is opened. As this seventh seal snaps open, the pure emotions seem ...

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