by Jerry Watts

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The Mighty Angel (26 of 41)
Series: The Unveiling
Jerry Watts
Revelation 10:1-11

• As we come to Revelation 10, we can reflect on the conditions on earth at this time. Earth has become a sad and scary place to reside. The rapture took the first people (all the believers). This left behind chaos, turmoil, and even anarchy. As in heaven the seals were opened, the Anti-Christ came offering peace through a covenant which, we know, will last 7 years. This period of time is known by several names but we shall simply call it the Tribulation. These 84 weeks will be 'hell on earth' as the seal, trumpet, and ultimately the vial judgments of God are meted out on evil with the ultimate purpose being to redeem the world.

• Thus far one-half of people who were left on the earth lie dead at the hand of the Anti-Christ, starvation, sickness, and the massive army found in chapter 9. Quite likely, there has not been enough time or resources to deal with death of this magnitude so the stench and unhealthy conditions pervade all the earth. Geological and ecological events which have been part of God's judgment have reduced oxygen, water, and food supplies.

• At almost every point it seems that God has given space and time for people to repent - but in their arrogance, none have.

• Make no mistake, the same pride which is alive today keeping us from the altar, from submitting to the Lordship of Christ, and crying out to God for help - this same pride will be multiplied in that day. Even with the planet disintegrating, the people dying, and the potential for a future dissipating, man's arrogance will still rule his heart.

• As we pick up our reading, 7 Seals and 6 trumpets have passed, and once again, God allows a pause in judgment to give an opportunity to repent. Before we read this chapter, God has delayed Jesus return to give YOU this same opportunity. Would you come? (READ)

• This break in judgment seems to center on this 'mighty angel' - consider 6 ...

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