by Jerry Watts

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Victory Is in the Air (28 of 41)
Series: The Unveiling
Jerry Watts
Revelation 11:15-19

Last Sunday Tiger Woods tied Jack Nicolas' record for winning 73 times on the Pro Golf Tour. Ironically, he tied Jack by winning the Memorial Tournament which is 'Jack's tourney.' The final round was very interested. The cloud which surrounds Tiger looms large today. The revelation of his lifestyle and personal problems reveal to me his deep spiritual need. This deep need in his life has deeply impacted his ability to compete at the level to which he is expected to play. Tiger began his round 4 strokes off the lead. There was a time in Tiger's career that for him to be 4 strokes out of the lead, was viewed as 'he is ONLY 4 strokes back' so he is in the hunt. In the last 2 years this has not been the attitude. Yet as he began play last week, observers would have said, ''He is hitting the ball, but not making anything happen.'' For 15 holes his ability to not 'lose' the tourney was apparent, but he was not really making a 'run' at winning. His shots, which were well struck, seemed to be a few yards short or long. It was on the 16th hole where the atmosphere changed. He found himself with a seemingly impossible shot. All the commentators gave him little change of even making a par. Tiger chipped the ball in the hole. At that moment, the buzz began to ripple through the crowd, ''This may be Tiger's day.'' The hint and sound of Victory was in the air for Tiger - and yes, he did, WIN!

As we have journeyed through the Revelation, we have witnessed God's on this earth and on those have reject His Son as Savior. As we hear the 7th trumpet sound we immediately sense a change in atmosphere. When the 7 seal was broken, there was silence, a gasp which is almost audible, and now there is no longer any silence. Now we hear the sounds of loud voices. (Let's read).

To read these few verses is to sense there is Victory in the Air for the righteous who trust in Jesus. We are not living ...

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