by Jerry Watts

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Series: The Unveiling
Jerry Watts
Revelation 12:1-18

• This past week these United States celebrated 236 years since the signing of the Declaration of Independence so this is a good time to remember some of the turning points in American history. On the face of it, this new land held little chance of standing against powerful "Great Britain" and becoming an independent nation. Yet, we did.

• It was in September and October of 1777 that the first turning point came. It was at the Battle of Saratoga. When the Continental Army defeated and captured the British at Saratoga, it paved the way for assistance from France and even Spain which was needed for American Victory. The Battle of Saratoga. More turning points exist.

• It was the Watergate scandal of the '70's which gave rise to modern day governmental distrust and disrespect. It stands as a turning point in the history of America.

• September 11, 2001, is a huge turning point in American history. No longer do citizens feel that this land is shielded from foreign terrorism. We still feel the effects of this action. If you need convincing, just buy a ticket and try to board an airplane.

• Chapter 12 is a turning point, a tipping point, and a teaching point in this Revelation. After the Rapture of Christ and it's after effects on planet Earth, the Peace was forged by the one whom we first met in Chapter 6 while "Riding the White Horse" of peace. In the bedlam of world Chaos, he forged a peace treaty between the Arabs and Jews.

• At that point in time began the 70th week of Daniel, which we know as the 'tribulation' consisting of 7 years. We are at the 'half-way' as the "GREAT TRIB" begins.

• The 144k Jewish Evangelists continue to preach the gospel and have converts who are summarily put to death by a world government who is trying to eradicate any hint of Jehovah. The Jewish people have been allowed to build a temple in Jerusalem for 'worship.' Now, I s ...

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