by Jerry Watts

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Judgment or Jesus (33 of 41)
Series: The Unveiling
Jerry Watts
Revelation 15:1-8

• A man was testing for a job and got down to his last test. The instructor said it contained 3 questions and he would only have to answer one of the three questions correctly. 1) How many days in the weeks begin with the letter "T"? The man said '2' - today and tomorrow. 2) How many 'seconds' in a year? At the question, the instructor offered the man a calculator. But immediately the man declined and answered "12" - January 2, February 2, March 2, etc. The instructor was now frustrated but said that the man had one more chance. 3) How many 'D's' in "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer?" At this question the man sat down in a panic, grabbed the calculator, and began working frantically. After a period of time, he said very definitively - 147! The tester said, "How did you get that?" As he began singing the song he sang, "Dee dee dee dee dee dee dee."

• When you read the Revelation do you ever feel like this guy? Could it be that we go into Revelation looking for the wrong thing? Most of the time we want to discover a calendar which we can hang our hats on to know about the end time, yet that is not the reason for the this book. We spend so much time looking for what we want that we miss what we need! The real reason for Revelation is to be discovered in the meaning of the title of this book (and this series); The Unveiling of Jesus.

• Jesus is the centerpiece of the Revelation but there is something else to be found in these writings - that is - judgment! The truth is your two choices in eternity is Judgment or Jesus. Every one of us will come to Jesus now or later. You can come to Jesus now in trust or later in terror, now as an advocate or later as an adversary, now as Savior or then as an executioner, now for life or then as instrument of death. One way or another every person will face Jesus and this is the Revelation.

• As we work our way through the ch ...

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