by Jerry Watts

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Listen For the Tick (34 of 41)
Series: The Unveiling
Jerry Watts
Revelation 16:1-21

• Years ago the Speer family recorded a song entitled, "In the Midst of It all" and I think about that song as we look at this chapter in Revelation. We are now in the midst of God's final judgment. Candidly, this is one of my least favorite passages in the Bible because in most texts we can discover God's love and if a person were to visit tonight and only hear this one message - they may not clearly see God's great love. Although before our time is over, I hope to bring it out.

• But I want to warn us about one other thing: If the only side of God you think exist is the LOVE of God, then you have a rude awakening. It is true that God is love but it is equally true that this world is speeding toward a collision, a confrontation with the God of the universe. Mankind, as a whole, have rejected God, His love, His power, His promise, and even His salvation - and the end will not be pretty for many.

• As we look at this chapter let's set the stage from the last chapter. Heaven's great temple has just opened and our came 7 angels, holding 7 bowls (Vials, saucers), which contain 7 plagues. Those seven angels have just come out of the presence of Jehovah God, probably receiving their final instructions. If this was a movie, you would hear the music begin to build which intimated the climax is near.

• When I think of this I am reminded of the concept of a time-bomb. This concept has been used to characterize many things (I.E. relationship, business, etc) but this picture comes from a device set to ignite by means of a ticking clock. As I read chapter 16, I can hear the tick-tock-tick-tock of God's judgment about to ignite.

• I want us to listen for the ticks. Let me divide our thinking into only 2 thoughts;

A) The Vials of God - I can close my eyes and paint a picture of what John must have seen. The temple, the angels, the vials, and the plagues are visibl ...

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