by Jerry Watts

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The Destruction of Babylon (36 of 41)
Series: The Unveiling
Jerry Watts
Revelation 18:1-24

• Who among us has not asked some or all of these questions: Can you believe how bad it is? How much worse can it get? When will it end? What's going to happen?

• Twelve years ago as, the last time I preached through the Revelation, I ask these questions of my listener and in hindsight, I must admit that I never envisioned things getting as bad as they are today. Today however, I have a keen sense that we have only touched the tip of the iceberg. Life as we have known it - may be a thing of the past. To glean any kind of understanding for the past and see where we are presently is to almost be overwhelmed with the present reality of what lies ahead. We are witnesses to a culture that has turned its back on God and His word. Every other culture in history that has done this, disintegrated.

• The name "Babylon" is a name that finds its beginnings in Genesis. Nimrod, arguably one of the architects of the "Tower of Babel" is considered one of the founders of this designation. When God confused the languages so that it sounded like 'babbling' to each other, the name Babylon was born. Ever since that event, every time you hear that name, you can instantly feel the anti-God spirit permeating. The tower of Babel was the first symbol of mankind attempting to reach up to God by his own strength. The spirit of Babylon is literally the spirit of the antic-Christ. Here we are at the ultimate DESTRUCTION of Babylon.

1. The Reality of Babylon's Destruction - In Chapter 17 we saw the first piece of the puzzle being destroyed as "Religious Babylon" (One World church) cast aside. Now for Political B.

a. Declared - Chapter 17 saw one of the angels who poured out the vials announce judgment but here in verse 1 we see it is a 'another' angel. Because of the description of this angel, some argue that this could be Jesus. For me, I don't think so - because the ...

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