by Jerry Watts

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Final Audit (38 of 41)
Series: The Unveiling
Jerry Watts
Revelation 20:1-15

• Years ago I found and bought an envelope which has imprinted as the return address, "Hugs and Kisses from the IRS - Your Final Audit." I sure hope you see the humor in this. A simple 'audit 'is bad enough, but a FINAL audit carries a note of - well- finality.

• In 1799 Napoleon captured his first country and 4 short years later pronounced himself to be the Emperor of France. For year, He took his military machine and seemed to conquer at will.

• In Revelation 20 we see Jesus coming and conquering in this fashion - at will. However, His victories are righteous victories. According to how I read this text, he comes, he conquers, and He sets up His millennial reign.

• NOTE: This is arguably the most debated passage in the Bible. Because the words 'millennial reign' never appears some say there is no such thing. Using that line of thinking, there is no trinity because that word never appears although it is clearly taught. Millennial is simply a designation of time. (I.E. 10 yrs=decade, 100 yrs=century, 1000 yrs=millennium)

• There are 3 basic views of this teaching. 1) Post-Millennial - this teaches that the world will get better and better until it ushers in 1000. This concept was popular around the turn 1900's. After 2 World Wars and other difficulties, this is almost played out. 2) A Millennial - Any time you put 'a' in front of a word, it means 'no', so this view is that this scripture is teaching figuratively and symbolically at this point. It is true that the Bible speaks both symbolically and figuratively at time.

• RULE OF THUMB: When plain sense makes sense seek no other sense! 3) Pre-Millennial - in simple terms, this view is that the world will get worse and worse until it is hopeless and helpless, at that point, Jesus will return and set up His Millennial reign. (BTW - there is a 4th view (tongue in cheek) which claims to be "Pan-Millennial" ...

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