by Kerry Shook

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House of Mirrors (1 of 2)
Series: Carnival - Raising Kids in Confusing Times
Pastor Kerry Shook

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• 1 Cor. 13:12 (NLT)

Parenting Mirrors That Produce A Distorted Self-Image

• The Mirror of Indulgence

• Prov. 13:24 (LB)

• The Mirror of Rules With No Relationship

• Eph. 6:4 (LB)

• The Mirror of Overprotection

• The Mirror of Make-believe

• The Mirror of High Performance


• Prov. 24:3 (NCV)


Parenting in so many ways resembles a carnival. Sometimes, parents, we feel like we are on a roller-coaster with all these unexpected twists and turns. You never know what's next. Parenting definitely provides some of the greatest highs and yet some of the greatest lows in our lives. Other times parenting is more like a merry-go-round. You know the times, parents, when you feel like you're going round and round with your kids, but you're not getting anywhere. You can relate. But every parent feels like, every day of our lives, we're walking with our children down the midway of our carnival culture with all the side shows and the flashing lights vying for their attention, trying to distract them from their purpose in life. Some of them are trying to destroy them. Don't you feel like at times in our culture we're living in a carnival that's trying to get our kids attention and pull them away from God's plan for their life? My family and I were at a theme park a while back. We were walking down the boardwalk section where all the games are that you can win the big prizes. You know what I'm talking about, the games of skill where you can win all of those stuffed animals. This huge stuffed, pink pig grabbed my 12 year old daughter's attention. She said, "Daddy, can you try to win me that pig?" It was the biggest stuffed pig you've ever seen in your life. I explained to her, "Honey, no one ever really wins those. There is no way you can win at this game." This was the game where you have to throw the softball into the milk can and the hole in the milk can is about the same size or a little less then the softball. You know which game I'm talking about? I told her that was just like lighting three bucks on fire. No one ever wins at that game. That's why these pigs are so giant and so appealing. You just can't really win it. She said, "Oh, but please try." I said, "Okay, I'll give it a try." So, I plop my three bucks down, took the softball, threw it up there and BOOM, right in the hole. I couldn't believe it. It felt so good as that guy took that huge stuffed pig down and gave it to my daughter. She's hugging this pig and then hugging me saying, "You're the best dad in the world, dad. Thank you so much." I felt so great. Then a crowd started gathering.
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