by Ernest Easley

Our Declaration of Dependence
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Nehemiah 9-10

Roswell Street Baptist Church is turning 70 years old this year! What started as a mission of First Baptist Church of Marietta in the "out skirts of town," has for years been a beacon of hope starting here in Cobb County.

God has used this fellowship these last 70 years to greatly impact the Christian landscape around the world. From this fellowship has come: Pastors, Missionaries, Christian recording artists, Christian movie writers and producers, Church planters, Evangelists, Bible teachers, Church staff members, the Founder of Up Ward Basketball, Football and Cheerleading and an army of business influencers and witnesses for Christ.

You need to know that the Devil has never liked the fact that RSBC was started. We have been a thorn in his side for years! We have fought against everything he has tried to do and he has fought against everything we have tried to do. He would like nothing more than to see this fellowship forsaken, dry up and to go away.

But I've got news for him: we're not drying up nor are we going away. Jesus said, "… I will build My church and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it" (Matt 16.18b). And how we need to be like the children of Israel in Nehemiah's day who declared in chapter 10.39, "we will not neglect (forsake) the house of our God." Knowing that Jesus is building His church and has much more in store for us in the future, we cannot, we shall not, we must not "forsake the house of our God."

Now in the Old Testament, God had a temple for His people. Since the New Testament, God has a people for His temple. In the Old Testament, He dwelt in a place. Since the New Testament, He dwells in a people.

Those people are called "the house of God," in 1 Timothy 3.15 which means that we are the household of God and we are not to forsake the house of God. And to insure that RSBC has another 70 years of influencing the landscape for Ch ...

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