by Marvin D. Patterson

The Cost of Redemption
Marvin Patterson
1 Peter 1:18-22

Juan was driving down a country lane in his pickup when suddenly a chicken darted into the road in front of him. He slammed on his brakes, but realized that the chicken was
speeding off down the road at about 30 miles an hour. Intrigued, he tried to follow the bird with his truck, but he couldn't catch up to the accelerating chicken. Seeing it
turn into a small farm, Juan followed it. To his astonishment, he realized that the chicken had three legs. Looking around the small farm, he noticed that ALL of the
chickens had three legs.
The farmer came out of his house, and Juan said, "Three-legged chickens? That's astonishing!"
The farmer replied, "Yep. I bred 'em that way because I love drumsticks."
Juan was curious. "How does a three-legged chicken taste?"
The farmer smiled. "Dunno. Haven't been able to catch one yet."

We are going back into the Book of 1 Peter tonight, and we are going to see how costly, and yes, how precious our salvation really is. We have heard it said many time, "Salvation is free, but it is not cheap. It cost us nothing, but it cost Jesus everything." And that is what we will see in this passage tonight.

I am reminded of a story that I heard long ago. There was a little boy who built a toy boat. He was so proud of that little boat. He painted it very carefully, and it was his prized possession. He took it out on a pond many times to watch it sail across the water. He received much pleasure from watching his creation sail over the water on that little pond. But one day a storm came up rather quickly, and the little boat got caught in a wave that pushed it into the drainage stream. The little boy ran as fast as he could to try to catch up and retrieve his little boat, but all to no avail. Before he could get his boat, the rush of the rainwater had washed his little boat down the stream and out of sight! He looked and searched for a long time, b ...

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